27 Jun

The Guild of Fine Food



This week I used my “day off” to visit the Fine Food Show at the Harrogate Event Centre. Admittedly part of the attraction is that, on this rare occasion, travel time was literally 20 minutes (we live locally) so no expensive train ticket; also the fair opening times are a very civilised  from 10am – 4pm so no struggle with the school run!

Ultimately it’s a gathering for smaller or startup businesses, so we can find products that are just launched, that haven’t made it to the supermarkets (thank goodness!) and who really value the opportunity to be showcased by the “independents”.

I don’t usually go to a show like this thinking that there will be aisles full of amazing new business leads, I’m happy to find one or two but this year I was spoilt!!

Here’s the low down on some of the people who took my eye with an appealing stand and intrigued me enough to stop me in my tracks and connect:

Turm Latte 1 (615 x 603)-500x500

1. Sweet Revolution: This is a family company who create a range of rather delicious superfood instant drinks. I think the word instant has a rather negative connotation, but what this means is the drinks are made up with the ease of boiling a kettle. The ingredients have integrity, here’s what they say

Eating should be a joy – but it should also be nourishing too! All our recipes are created using the highest quality ingredients, with an emphasis on ethically-produced, organic wholefoods, which are delicious and nutritious, to nourish your body and feed your soul. We select the ingredients for our products with great care and take time to understand how, where and by whom the product is produced. Everything is sourced not only for its suitability for the recipe but also for all the good things it contains. They’re all plant-based, processed as little as possible and many are used in their raw state.

Who could argue with that? I placed an order there and then so watch our shelves for these great new products..

The flavours they have are: Organic Instant Hot Chocolate with Raw Cacoa & Coconut Milk, Organic Instant Matcha Latte with Coconut Milk, Organic Instant Turmeric with Coconut Milk, Organic Instant Reishi Chai Latte with Coconut Milk, Organic Coconut Milk Powder.



2. Darkwoods Coffee: The packaging for this brand is what drew me instantly to the stand. My design background does mean that “the look” of a product is important, you buy with your eyes and we re-buy on taste so packaging is important in the first instance.

Paul made me a cappuccino with their “Under Milkwood” blend – origin Brazil, India & Ethiopia. It was smooth, sweet like caramel yet with a freshness given by the medium roasted Ethiopian element. The provenance of the staff is as impressive as the coffee, Tom is a coffee expert having previously roasted our House Blend at another roaster, Paul a former World Barista Championships judge has headed up a very impressive list of companies and training teams. I am excited to collaborate on whatever level we can.


3. Love Cocoa: The greatgin-_-tonic-dark-chocolate-love-cocoa-bar_1_b85516de-34bd-4698-b789-228adbc524da_1024x1024 great great grandson of Mr John Cadbury has taken over the mantle of producing chocolate. There is a very informative bio on their website explaining the position of Cadbury and how John Cadbury set up the business to the hostile take over bid that was made by the Americans in 2010. James Cadbury is young, charming and makes delicious chocolate – I feel compelled to have his products on our shelves. He has a great ethos and his chocolate contains no gluten, refined sugar or soya and the 70% dark chocolate was as smooth as I have tasted in a very long time.

Gin & Tonic 70% bar – what a lovely combination for a summers evening picnic?


Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 13.56.334. Shepherds Purse Artisan Cheese: We already stock a number of cheeses from Judy Bell of Thrisk, however, it’s always good to refresh the knowledge and the tastebuds. Three cheeses that I will be rotating in the counter are Mrs Bell’s Blue, a ewe’s milk blue cheese; Bluemin White and No. 7 Blue Monday (developed by Alex James of Blur). Katie from Shepherds Purse also said she would come and do a cheese tasting day around Christmas time so watch this space for an event date!


DSC_85815. Nutural World: I was fed every sort of nut in a butter form by the most charming older gentleman who was positively nutty about his products. All hand roasted and ground by him, all vegan and gluten free, with no added sugars or sweeteners, no added salt, oil or artificial flavours. My favourite was Pecan & Fig, there was also a great chocolate and Carob spread although knocking the Nutella jar off the shelf might not be as easy with the children.



original_home-baker-s-trio-of-nut-pastes6. Keeping in the nutty realm I also visited The Nut Kitchen. Here was yet another stand selling crushed nuts but packaged in a prettier pot or so I thought, but this company wasn’t just another nut butter company. The Nut Kitchen mkes nut paste, this isn’t a smooth or crunchy nut butter it is a perfectly smooth paste, with the mouth feel of cream. What sets this product apart is that you can take a small pot of the paste and make your own nut milk, no sugars, no thickeners, just nuts.  The average nut milk contains just 1-2% nuts the rest is water and to get the texture and sweetness rice and a touch of oil is added, but with the nut paste here is the recipe:

20g Almond paste, 250 ml cold water, Blend – et voila you have an 8% almond drink

– you could add a sweetener if you wanted to but I found it naturally sweet enough. It was AMAZING. Add a banana or some berries and you have a nutritious smoothie.

I also found a source of Yorkshire cured meats & salami, as well as a fish smokery. I ate and drank my way around the food hall, which was obviously SUCH a chore but I’m selfless what can I say 😊

So as we make another attempt to shoe horn some more new and excititng products onto our shelves – it’s already time for us to place Christmas orders, no more room I can hear Santa shouting already. It will be mincepies and mulled wine before we know it…..

22 Feb

Patisserie with Ross Baxter (Bostock Bakery) at Artisan School of Food


Image courtesy of Ross Baxter

Pâtisserie is the chapter in any baking book that has, until now, filled me with dread and awe in equal measure. I bought myself a gold edged, suede covered copy of the Ladurée Sucre book a decade ago and never felt quite worthy of even attempting a single recipe… However, this weekend has changed my perception of the subject, from being something I was unashamedly scared of, to something I can now attempt – as long as I have enough time and freezer space!


The Artisan Scimageshool of Food is set in the most stunning grounds of Welbeck Priory, a stones throw from Chesterfield and Worksop. It offers an extensive array of courses, both in subject matter and duration from day courses to a year long diploma (how amazing!). Our course had 11 other participants, a sprinkling of professionals amongst us but mostly civilians. The school offers breakfast on arrival, here’s the heads up, it’s worth arriving a little early for – homemade bread, preserves and granola. The cookery classroom is an expansive, well lit room – even fitted with swanky air con, which we did need for our chocolate work session. The first day was mind boggling, so much so, I still have no recollection whatsoever of making the Chocolate Crémeux which made up the middle section of the Bostock Praline Chocolate. I am hoping that eventually my brain will process all the information and file it in an orderly fashion!?

What struck me this weekend, is that Pâtisserie is not hard per se, what it does require is patience, time and a large freezer. The Praline Chocolate requires 3 different sections, first the frozen crème, a disk of dacquoise, a mousse and a disk of feuilletine (brittle crispy flakes with caramelized, praline flavour), all enveloped in a dark chocolate glaçage. Each step of the recipe requires freezing so ideally  48 hours. Once the assembly is complete the whole thing needs decorating. This means tempering chocolate and making ribbons & collars with the chocolate, I even made a set of feathers!


I have come away thinking that Pâtisserie is a little *smoke & mirrors * the end result is spectacular, yet the processes involved are relatively simple. Again, on reflection, simple may not be the right term, but for me I was relieved because apart from getting a few bubbles in my glaçage, I am proud of myself – go me !!

*Just in case there is any ambiguity on how many stages and individual recipes we covered just to make 2 entremets and 3 petit gateaux (just 2 flavours in different sizes) Here’s the list :

  • Raspberry Glaze,
  • Raspberry Syrup,
  • Raspberry Biscuits Cuillère
  • Pink Glaze
  • Swiss Meringue
  • Raspberry Mousse
  • Gelatine Mass – for both recipes
  • Dark Chocolate Glaçage
  • Praline Feuilleté Noisette
  • Chocolate Crémeux
  • Hazelnut Dacquoise
  • Mousse Sabayon au Chocolat
  • Caramelia Whipped Ganache

So when you see a demure little Raspberry Charlotte fluttering its eyelashes at you from the Pâtisserie counter boasting the biggest ticket price, you may now be able to appreciate why  she is so very expensive, remember she is indeed worth every penny!

Would I recommend the course : YES

Would I recommend the School : YES

Was the course instructor a Patisserie legend : YES

What course is next Haxby Bakery 1 day Bread Course 

10 Jan

31 Days of January

Quarmby's Veg Web_

We’re already a few weeks into 2017 and as mentioned in a previous post we don’t believe in making “New Year’s Resolutions” (as we never stick to them!) we do however believe in having new goals and aspirations – ours mostly relate to food of course!

The goals and aims don’t have to mean making huge lifestyle commitments or banishing whole food groups. Instead, making small changes every day can make a big difference to your overall wellbeing. There are 31 days in January and so it’s never too late to start.

Download our 31 day goals and aims calendar for January for daily simple (and often delicious) tips to help make your life healthier, one step at a time.

Let us know how you’re doing on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by tagging your posts with #31daysofJanuary and #Quarmbys!

Download the calendar here quarmbys-calendar


04 Jan

Beat the January Blues

Quarmby's Veg Web_-3

Lots of people make  “resolutions” for January –  starting the gym or a new diet… we’ve found once you call them “resolutions” you don’t tend to stick to them much..

So instead we’re just trying to change our mindset slightly to help beat the January blues by eating healthier and being more mindful of what we put into our bodies..

For a delicious yet very simple meal get started with a squash or pumpkin, here’s one of our fave’s..

1. Roast off some pumpkin or squash (scrub the skins first then pop in the oven whole and roast at 180 degrees for between 45-60 minutes for an average sized squash).

2. Take the roasted squash and halve, remove the seeds with a large spoon then cut into wedges. (You can do this first step in advance so you have ready roasted pumpkin in the fridge but I do like there to be a bit of warmth left in the pumpkin so bring it up to room temperature if you have time)

3. If the skin is soft enough it is fine to eat it (especially a Butternut Squash) so no need to peel. Layer the wedges on top of a mixed baby leaf salad.

4. Finally crumble over some Goat’s milk cheese and drizzle with your favourite dressing.

If you like, you could scatter over some toasted pumpkin seeds which will add another texture.



This as a meal in itself has lots of wonderful health benefits: 

* Heart Healthy Magnesium.

* Zinc for Immune Support.

* Plant-Based Omega-3 Fats.

* Prostate Health.

* Anti-Diabetic Effects.

* Benefits for Postmenopausal Women.

* Heart and Liver Health.

* Tryptophan for Restful Sleep

* Anti-inflammatory benefits

25 Nov

Staying healthy in winter

I am pretty lucky to have naturally good immunity and it’s practically unheard of for me to go down with a cold but I think as I get inevitably older and increasingly time poor, health is the first tell-tale sign that one is burning the candle at both ends or simply not making time for oneself.


In order to combat this we have to make sure we are giving our body the best chance of staying healthy to resist infection by consuming the best fuel possible. I am a true believer in the word NOURISH, it’s my answer to Hygge the “word of the moment”. I believe in Nourishing Body & Soul when you eat. I don’t do deprivation, I make sure if I am eating a treat – I enjoy it, guilt has no place in my kitchen. This is made easier when what we are eating, whether a meal or an indulgence, is made with wholesome, healthful ingredients. This is also true of drinks.

My all time favourite winter warmer is a hot chocolate, so try this for a really satisfying and nourishing version of the classic:


Raw Cacao Quarmbys

 Serves 1

2 tsp raw cacao powder

¼ tsp cinnamon (optional – but does bring healthful properties)

125ml almond milk

125ml additive free Coconut Milk (such as Biona)

1 tsp Xylitol granulated (or to taste)



Put the cacao powder and cinnamon (if using), in a small heavy pan and add 2 tbs of the almond milk. Stir over a  medium heat until thoroughly combined, then add the remaining almond milk and the coconut milk, then stir frequently until warmed through. Stir through the xylitol and drink immediately. Tastes best when served in your favourite mug!

This also works well with just almond milk – if you use the Rude Health Almond Drink taste before adding the sweetener as it is sufficiently sweet without for me.

Another way to combat the colder weather is to get out in it and enjoy it! Wrap up warm and get outdoors. It might take a good kick to get you out but once you’re breathing the bracing fresh air you will DEFINITELY feel energised and invigorated. Take the dog for a walk, get the children looking for different bugs, birds and animals (whatever ignites their enthusiasm), go climb a hill – it’s all good and your body with thank you for it by firing up your metabolism and allowing you a restful night’s sleep.

5 additional tips on  how to stay healthy in winter

Winter walks







  • Eat well, not too much, mostly green
  • Rest is as important as play – make time to recharge
  • Nourish your body
  • Exercise – getting outside is enough it doesn’t always have to be a slog
  • Listen to your body, respect it, refuel it with thought & care
  • Then you will be best prepared to make it through winter and the holiday season on top form.
18 Nov

Stir up Sunday is on it’s way…



Stir-up Sunday is the last Sunday before Advent, this year it falls on 20th November and is traditionally the day when Christmas puddings are baked, giving them a whole month to mature before Christmas. Do it the traditional way and get the whole family to help! It’s the day when wishes are said to come true, so get stirring!

What is Stir-up Sunday?

It is a tradition that harks back to Victorian times when the family would gather together to stir the Christmas pudding five weeks before Christmas. The opening words of the Book of Common Prayer read on this Sunday before Advent at church are ‘Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord’, and so the tradition stands that this is the day to get stirring!

The Stir-up traditions

  • Christmas pudding would traditionally contain 13 ingredients to represent Jesus and his disciples.
  • It is traditionally stirred (while making a wish) by each member of the family from East to West, to remember the Wise Men that visited Jesus in the Nativity Story.
  • The traditional garnish of holly represented the crown of thorns (be warned the holly berry is very toxic, so perhaps adorn your Christmas pudding with fake foliage!)
  • Adding coins, originally charms, to the pudding was said to bring luck if you found them in your pud on Christmas Day. The traditional lucky charms were a silver coin for wealth, a wishbone for luck, a thimble for thrift, a ring for marriage, and an anchor for safe harbour. Although biting on to such a thing would surely cause a trip to the dentist with a cracked tooth, so not necessarily advised without a thorough inspection on Christmas Day.


  • 450g white breadcrumbs
  • 1tsp ground ginger
  • 1tsp mixed spice
  • 2tsp salt
  • 225g suet, shredded or finely chopped
  • 225g brown sugar
  • 110g mixed peel, chopped
  • 110g currants & 110g sultanas
  • 450g seedless raisins
  • 75g carrots, grated
  • 3tbsp brandy
  • 2tbsp milk
  • 110g golden syrup


  1. Mix the breadcrumbs, spices, salt, suet, sugar dried fruits and carrots together in a large bowl.
  2. Blend the brandy, milk and syrup and stir thoroughly into the dry ingredients.
  3. Let the mixture stand for at least 1 hour then put into a greased pudding basin or pudding steamer.
  4. If using a pudding basin cover with greaseproof paper and cloth or foil.
  • for a 500ml pudding allow 5 hours
  • for a 750ml pudding allow 7 hours
  • for a 1 litre pudding allow 9 hours
  1. When cooked remove the basin from the steamer and allow to cool.
  2. Cover with fresh paper and store in a cool place.
  1. for a 500ml pudding steam for 2 hours
  2. for a 750ml – 1 litre pudding steam for 3 hours
  3. Turn out on to a hot dish, decorate with holly and flame with warmed brandy. Serve with brandy or rum butter.


  • puddings will keep for 12-18 months and improve and mature during this time.

To finish off all the ingredients from above are available from the Deli so call in and we’ll point you in the right direction..


29 Sep

Northern Bloc – Rock!


We first spotted the Northern Bl°c team at the Harrogate Fine Food fair and were drawn in – not only by the fabulous product but by their super cool branding..

Northern Bl°c are another one of our handpicked suppliers that we love because of the values at their core,

“a desire to create great tasting ice cream that is natural and free from artificial ingredients. An ice cream that’s both indulgent and pure.”

Their products are drawn from inspiring Northern cities that have created innovation from straight talking pioneers. Ice cream to them is deemed a science – their chef is an ice cream master who is relentless in the pursuit of perfection. Whilst paying homage to the traditional flavours you’ll also find they have a modern twist. With no additives, colourings or artificial flavours the result is a magnificent, super smooth, melt in the mouth flavour that is 100% natural.



Ice cream is not just for Summer!  We stock the smaller on-the-go pots (perfect as a little pick me up on your cycle/walk route) and we’ll soon have some flavours in the larger take home tubs.

Two of our fave’s are the Hazelnut and Tonka Bean or Ginger Caramel which are a perfect addition to an autumnal blackberry and apple pie.


All products are GLUTEN FREE & suitable for vegetarians. The sorbets are suitable for VEGANS and the milk used comes direct from a local farmer every day and is made into ice cream within 12 hours. 
If you haven’t already finished it on your way home and your ice cream makes it to your home freezer! We recommend ice cream is best stored AT -18°C and no colder. Good storage is key to enjoying the flavours at their best.


08 Sep

Squirrel Sisters

We’ll now be spotlighting a supplier or product of the month via the blog so keep your eyes peeled for updates..


First up is the fantastic Squirrel Sisters with their delicious and healthy snack bars.


Gracie and Sophie share the same core values about food as we do – you’ll see from our last post we love searching for the perfect recipe to satisfy hunger, refuel the body and nurture the soul – food should nourish not only your body but also your mind.

The sisters believe (as do we!) that there doesn’t need to be a choice between health and fun; if you can combine the perks of being healthy without compromising on fun then you have a brilliant product! The sisters motto and mission is to help others believe that in treating yourself – you can also treat your health!

Their company name ‘Squirrel Sisters’ was a nickname, which has ended up sticking with them since childhood – Squirrel rhymes with their surname ‘Tyrrell’ (and is much more fun to say!). Coincidently and perhaps luckily, they also love nuts!

After starting a blog to keep in touch with one another when living apart due to work commitments, they found their recipes and love for good food then grew organically and so…. the snack bars (and their business) were launched in 2015.

The yummy bars that we are now stocking at Quarmbys are their own recipes that have developed over time; Gracie used to make them for Sophie at home because she has a gluten intolerance and couldn’t find anything gluten-free that actually tasted good and was completely natural.



We currently have two flavours available; Raspberry Ripple and Cacao brownie. Both are gluten free, vegan, raw, paleo, a source of fibre and with no added sugar.

So as well as being the perfect snack for adults on the go, they are also a super way to get a bit of health into your little ones too.

At the moment we’re the only stockists in Yorkshire which means they are selling like hot cakes, so pop in and get your hands on a few whilst you can.

We hope you like them as much as we do!

27 Apr

The Art of Eating Well

The Art of Eating Well

Courgetti with basil pesto from Hemsley & Hemsley

Low carb, should we carb – is it a phase or is it here to stay? We have been advised for nearly 3 decades to eat a diet low in fat and rich in low fat carbohydrates, yet recently there has been a backlash, an about turn and a general questioning of this theory. I must admit to being an advocate of an holistic approach. I believe that we all have a very individual metabolic blueprint, some of us thrive on a high protein, low carb diet whereas others would feel thoroughly lack lustre if we followed that regime (me being one of those). This has been attributed to our ancestral genetics, for example if one is of Viking origin it would be likely that you would be happier following a protein rich lower carb diet.

Food is my thing, finding new recipes, tasting new foods and flavours “floats my boat”. I have burgeoning bookshelves, groaning under the weight of my cookery books. They sit jostling for space with my exercise and nutrition textbooks (I have a diploma in Nutrition with a specialism in Sports Nutrition) so good food, food that really fuels us is important to me. A perfect recipe would satisfy hunger, refuel the body and nurture the soul. A meal should nourish not only your body but also your mind. Guilt is an evil that sits with so many of us at the table. Guilt diminishes enjoyment and destroys the ability to recognise satiety because we feel we “oughtn’t to” rather than enjoying the meal and eating until one has eaten sufficient. If we focus on eating consciously, free from distractions then naturally we will benefit.

One of my current favourite books is Hemsley & Hemsley’s The Art of Eating Well published by Ebury Press. Hemsley book-coverThe Hemsley girls have managed to produce a book that you can really eat from, not just cook a clutch of recipes leaving the rest redundant which is so often the case. Admittedly some of my now turn to recipes have been
stumbled upon by accident. A case in point for the Whole Roasted Cauliflower (page 108) – this rescued a forgotten cauliflower from my crisper drawer. Cauliflower is fine but not particularly sexy – usually smothered in a cheesy sauce to help it along – but this recipe transforms the humble veg into a delicious feast, with a little help from some pistachios and plenty of herbs and spices – mostly storecupboard.

The next revelation for those trying to reduce their carb intake, or even just trying to squeeze more vegetables onto their plates is courgetti. No longer do we need to have bolognaise with pasta, have it with vegetable spaghetti.HEMSLEY-and-HEMSLEY-Spiralizer Ribbons of vegetable can be fashioned easily and painlessly with a spiralizer. Hemsley & Hemsley have their own branded model which will be in Quarmby’s as of Wednesday, priced at £29.95. One can simply julienne or mandolin the vegetables but if you value your digits the Spiralizer is definitely the easier and safer option! Incidentally we also stock the Hemsley & Hemsley The Art of Eating Well book – we like to share some of our good finds! There is a website too which feature recipes and news www.hemsleyandhemsley.com

To sum up – remember that each meal should nourish both mind and body.

Here are some “Food Rules” shared from Michael Pollan’s Eater’s Manual (Penguin)

1. Avoid food products that contain more than five ingredients
2. Avoid foods that are pretending to be something they are not
3. Eat only foods that will eventually rot
4. Eat foods made from ingredients that you can picture in their raw state or growing in nature.
5. If it came from a plant eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t.
and finally…

Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants…and enjoy it.


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